National projects

CIRTEN collaborates with the main italian research organisations (e.g. ENEA – National Research Body on Energy) and italian nuclear companies (e.g. Ansaldo Nucleare), in R&D activities devoted to nuclear items still of capital importance for Italy, like nuclear safety, decommissioning and waste management, radiation protection.

CIRTEN is committed also to educate and train the new generation of nuclear experts, to maintain the italian nuclear knowledge, for the benefit of institutional and industrial stakeholders.

From 2006 to 2017 CIRTEN was co-beneficiary with ENEA about funds for research projects on the above mentioned topics, in the framework of the national “Ricerca di Sistema” R&D programme, coordinated and funded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE).

The initiative has been discontinued by the Government in 2018.

Here are the research reports produced by CIRTEN, in collaboration with ENEA:

RdS 2015-2017 Nuclear Fission
RdS 2012-2014 Nuclear Fission
RdS 2009-2011 Nuclear Fission
RdS 2006-2008 Nuclear Fission